Voting for Sinn Féin on Friday is the first step in getting a change of government that will sort housing, tackle the cost of living and start fixing our health service. Change starts here.



Change starts here

Voting for Sinn Féin in the Local and European elections is the first step to getting a change of government, to creating the momentum to elect a government that will sort out the housing crisis, tackle the cost of living crisis and start fixing our health service.

It’s time for new people with new solutions and new ideas at local government, in the Dáil and in the European parliament.

If you want change, you have to vote for Sinn Féin in the European elections, in the local elections and in the General Election when it comes.

Tá sé in am don Athrú. Change starts here.

It’s time to build a better, fairer, stronger and united Ireland. 

Mary Lou was aksed, "Why vote Sinn Féin?" Here's her answer

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Ball de Shinn Féin cheana féin? Athnuaigh do bhallraíocht anois.

First Minister For All

The restoration of the Assembly and the Executive was an historic day of change.

For the first time ever a nationalist has taken up the position of First Minister.

Michelle O’Neill will lead an Executive as a First Minister for all, working together to deliver for workers and families and represent all our communities.

This is a time of hope and opportunity. A time to build a better future for everyone.


It's time for positive leadership


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