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It’s time to get the Executive up and running to put money in people’s pockets, invest in our health service and build a better future for everyone.

Michelle O’Neill

Leas Uachtarán, Sinn Féin

Our Manifesto

Working together we can give workers and families a break by tackling the rising cost of living. We can invest an extra £1 billion in our health service over 3 years to tackle waiting lists, recruit doctors and nurses, fund cancer and mental health services. Working together we can plan for a new future in a new, better Ireland.

Our Candidates

Elections to the Assembly will take place on Thursday, May 5th. Sinn Féin is standing 34 candidates across every constituency. Nineteen of our candidates are women, representing over 55% of the total. Sixteen of our candidates are contesting an Assembly election for the first time.


Everyone has their part to play no matter how small. There are many ways you can get involved in the election campaign – joining a canvass in your area, encouraging your family and friends to vote Sinn Féin or by making a donation to our election campaign online.

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Key Issues

Giving Workers And Families A Break

Rising living costs and fuel and electricity price hikes are placing huge pressure on ordinary people. In the Executive Sinn Féin brought in legislation to stop the Bedroom Tax and delivered £200 fuel payment for over a quarter of a million people.

We are demanding the removal of tax on home heating oil; the reduction of tax on diesel and petrol; and a tax on the large profits of energy companies – redirecting the money to support workers and families.

Prioritising Health

Health is a priority for Sinn Féin and we are committed to making health the Executive’s number one spending priority for the next three years.

Sinn Féin want to increase the health budget by £1 billion over three years investing in the health and social care workforce, tackling waiting lists and ensuring people can see a GP when they need one. 


Delivering Housing

Sinn Féin is delivering the biggest shakeup of the housing system for over 50 years. For too long the Housing Executive was not building homes. Sinn Féin is changing this.

Sinn Féin’s housing plan will build over 100,000 homes over the next 15 years in urban and rural communities across the north.



Economy And Jobs

Working together we can use the protocol to unleash the potential for well paid jobs in a stronger economy.

Investing in rural communities, creating good jobs and ensuring a good quality of life for everyone so the next generation has a future here.

Planning For Irish Unity

Sinn Féin is the only party that is standing up against a British Tory government that seeks to impose a disastrous Brexit, dismantle the NHS and hike up your National Insurance contributions during a cost of living crisis.

We can do so much better if we govern ourselves – it’s time to plan for Irish Unity. It’s time to establish a Citizen’s Assembly on Irish Unity.

Am Don Athrú Cheart

Tá sé in am don athrú cheart. Ag obair le chéile is féidir linn tús áit a thabhairt do chúrsaí sláinte, tithíochta agus oideachais mar aon le úsáid a bhaint as an bprótacal le postanna níos fearr a chruthú i ngeilleagar níos láidre.

Is féidir linn sochaí nua forásach a thógáil bunaithe ar chothrom na féinne agus ar chomhionannas. 

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