November 15, 2019
Youth assembly delegates ‘an inspiration’ – David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin Climate Action spokesperson David Cullinane TD today praised the delegates to the Youth Assembly on Climate Action, adding that their participation today provides leadership on an issue while the establishment lags behind. 

Deputy Cullinane said:

 “The 157 delegates to today’s Assembly on climate Action show once again that it is the youth that are providing the energy and action that is driving this issue forward.

 “As with Greta Thurnberg and the school strikes, young people are putting it up to the politicians to act, and act swiftly.

“Their knowledge and analysis of climate change is often streets ahead of the opinion makers and establishment experts who push piecemeal gestures instead of structural change.

“Young people completely get this issue, and I am looking forward with keen interest to their assembly and the solutions and policies that come out of it.

“It is heartening to see young people demanding that politicians do more to tackle climate change and Sinn Féin is up to the challenge.”

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