August 13, 2022
Use of PII in Noah Donohoe case ‘shameful’ – Finucane tells rally

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has branded the PSNI and British government’s use of a Public Interest Immunity certificate to conceal information on the death of Noah Donohoe ‘shameful’ and said his family deserve truth and transparency. 

Speaking at a rally in support of the Donohoe family at Belfast City Hall, the North Belfast MP said: 

“I want to begin by thanking Fiona and her family for inviting me to speak to so so many of you today on behalf of Sinn Féin, as we all gather to show Fiona, to show the world, that we all stand with her as she continues to battle for truth and justice for her beloved Noah.

“As we know, the legal process which Fiona and her legal team are preparing for next, is an inquest. A process which has the potential to examine all of the issues, all of the questions that need to be answered, in a fair and transparent manner. 

“Because make no mistake about it, there are serious questions that remain unanswered concerning every single aspect of Noah’s disappearance and the subsequent investigation. 

“This is all now before the court, and it is right that Fiona and her team meet that in the way that they think is best. But I will return to one word I used to describe a legal process, an inquest, that provides credibility and confidence.

“That word is transparency.

“Justice demands openness, and justice demands transparency. When we speak of Noah and Fiona’s search for truth, we speak of the need for a light to be shone revealing everything we still don’t know about what happened to him. 

“We need, and we are here today to demand, that justice is done for Fiona and her family, that much is both fair and obvious, but we are also here to demand that justice is seen to be done. 

“Seen to be done for the thousands of us here who rightfully have questions to ask about why and how Noah died, and what the nature and standard of the investigation into his death was exactly.

“That is why the PSNI’s request, and the British Secretary of State’s agreement, to use a Public Interest Immunity certificate (PII) is both wrong, and shameful.

“We will continue to stand with Fiona, we will continue to fightback against those who seek to deny her the ability to achieve truth and justice, to deny us all the ability to see that justice is being done for a mother who has lost her son in the most tragic of circumstances.

“And like those who have previously had to fight for answers, it is a tough and what must feel at times a lonely road, but make no mistake, everyone here today and those who can’t be here today, will be with you every step of the way until you get the answers you are entitled to.”

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