July 22, 2022
Unprecedented momentum for Irish unity – Kearney

Writing in his latest online blog for An Phoblacht, Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney has called on ‘others in the Irish government system to develop new thinking’ on preparing for reunification in the face of the potential repercussions from a trade war if British government policy over the Protocol does not change. 

Declan Kearney said:

“Continued refusal by the next Tory PM to properly reengage with the EU and step back from its unilateral action to break international law, could provoke significant diplomatic and legal retaliation. 

“A trade war would have serious economic repercussions and cause even greater instability for businesses. 

“That potential will inevitably strengthen the growing view that the only way to promote and protect regional economic, business and investment priorities will be through Ireland, as a single economic unit, rejoining the EU. 

“The economic, democratic and constitutional arguments for Irish unity are increasingly influential. 

“The momentum for constitutional change has never been stronger”.

Noting the changing political landscape, he writes:

“The consequence of the chaos and turmoil created by the Tories has given renewed impetus for Scottish independence, a push for greater autonomy in Wales, and also Irish unity.

“The announcement by the Scottish First Minister will have political implications across these islands in the coming months.

“That is why the Irish government’s refusal to even begin the preparations for Irish unity is increasingly untenable. 

“If the three current government coalition parties are unable to grasp this political reality, others within the Irish government system need to begin developing new thinking and policy proposals on how future Irish governments should prepare for re-unification.

“This Irish government should finally do the sensible thing and convene an all-island Citizens’ Assembly on constitutional change, instead of creating silly distractions around the timing of a unity referendum.”

Referring to the launch this week of the Party’s ‘Commission on the Future of Ireland’, the South Antrim MLA, said:

“The end game of partition is now being played out. 

“The one democratic option always denied is the exercise of self-determination by the people of Ireland.

“Irish unity is both a reasonable and achievable objective.

“But the transition towards constitutional change and a new national, democratic framework of governance in Ireland needs to be carefully planned, and resourced.

“This week Uachtarán Shinn Féin, Mary Lou McDonald, launched the initiative by announcing that an inaugural People’s Assembly will take place in Belfast’s Waterfront conference centre on 12 October.

“The Commission is not a substitute for an all-island Citizens’ Assembly, but it is a genuine initiative from Sinn Féin to constructively nurture the ongoing public debate. Its mission is to encourage alternative proposals to be presented by those with different visions of Ireland.

“Importantly the Commission will seek to engage with the protestant and unionist sections of our people.

“There is an unprecedented momentum for Irish unity. 

“It is time to prepare and plan for the change which is coming.” 

Full blog here: www.anphoblacht.com/contents/28357

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