March 3, 2022
Truth on the death of Noah Donohoe is in the public interest – Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly told a meeting of the Policing Board today attended by the PSNI Chief Constable that the mother of 14-year-old Noah Donohoe is entitled to transparency and answers as opposed to secrecy and cover-up.

Gerry Kelly said:

“On 2nd November 2021 at a Policing Board meeting, I asked the PSNI Chief Constable to withdraw any application to redact or withhold information from Fiona Donohoe, Noah Donohoe’s mother. I was told there would be a decision within weeks.

“Today, four months later, I had to repeat that ask at another public session of the Policing Board. There is still no decision.

“Public Interest Immunity certificates (PII) are used to hold back information. They were and are extensively used to hold back information in conflict legacy cases. 

“This inquest is about the death of a 14-year-old child. It is not conflict related.

“There is an unprecedented petition of 300,000 signatures supporting Fiona Donohoe’s plea to see all the evidence at the Coroner’s inquest into her son’s death. 

“Fiona Donohoe deserves and is entitled to transparency and answers as opposed to secrecy and cover-up.

“This is a Stephen Lawrence moment for the PSNI. 

“They need to act with urgency to show they are more interested in victims than in holding back information. If ’public interest’ is the reason given then they must understand that Noah’s mother getting the whole truth is, surely, in the public interest.”

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