March 23, 2022
TDs urged to back Sinn Féin legislation to close housing crisis loophole – Chris Andrews TD

Sinn Féin Dublin Bay South TD, Chris Andrews, has urged TDs to back his legislation which seeks to close a controversial loophole that allows large developments to be exempt from providing any social or affordable housing.

Teachta Andrews said that the Protect Social Housing Bill 2020, which will move to second stage in the Dáil tomorrow evening, is a crucial opportunity to make a stand for social and affordable housing.

He said:

“Tomorrow evening, my legislation will go before the Dáil and I am urging all TDs to back it. My legislation would bring about a crucial change in the fight against the housing crisis, by closing a loophole which exempts large housing developments from providing any social or affordable housing.

“As a result of this loophole, we now have large developments of up to 50 units exempt for providing any social or affordable home to the community under their Part V obligation.

“Such a loophole in building regulation is slap in the face to the thousands of people in Dublin and beyond, who desperately want to buy a home but are shut out due to sky high costs.

“A prime example of this loophole being used is in my own constituency on York Road, Ringsend, where planning permission has been sought for a 15-storey tower, which is completely at odds with the character of the area and not a single unit of affordable or social housing included. This is a community crying out for social and affordable housing.

“We need community-led developments with sustainability at the heart, no developer led. Developments with a mix of public, affordable and private homes.

“This loophole allows developments that are to be built on less than 0.1 hectare of land, to be exempt from their Part V requirement to provide a level of affordability and social housing.

“This Bill that is going before the Dáil tomorrow, seeks to delete this loophole from State legislation and ensure some level of social or affordable housing is provided for the community.

“I am urging all TDs to do the right thing and back my legislation. The housing crisis is devastating and affects the lives of far too many people who desperately want to own a home. Tomorrow, we have a real chance to make a difference and ensure that we close this unacceptable loophole. The solutions to the housing crisis are there, if the political will is there. Sinn Féin in government would stand up for ordinary workers and families, to put them first and end the housing crisis.”

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