October 15, 2019
Taoiseach must step up to defend the rights of Irish citizens in light of DeSouza ruling – Mary Lou McDonald TD

The Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has called on the Taoiseach to “step up, defend the Good Friday Agreement and defend the rights of all Irish Citizens” in light of the DeSouza case.

She said:

“Yesterday, the High Court in Belfast ruled that people born in the north of Ireland are legally British citizens even if they identify as Irish. The ruling was made in the case of Emma DeSouza.

“The ruling represents a clear effort by the British Government to undermine and trample all over the Good Friday Agreement.

“The identity and citizenship provisions are critical to the integrity of the Agreement and must be protected and defended to the hilt.

“The Taoiseach said previously that Irish citizens in the north would never be left behind again by an Irish government. He now needs to follow through on those words, step up, defend Emma’s rights and the rights of all Irish citizens and defend the Good Friday Agreement.”