October 21, 2021
Sinn Féin reject plan to light up Belfast City Hall to celebrate partition – Beattie

Sinn Féin Party Group Leader Ciaran Beattie has said the partition of Ireland is nothing to celebrate as a proposal by Unionists and the British government to illuminate City Hall is scrapped. 

Councillor Ciaran Beattie said:

“There is absolutely nothing to celebrate in the partition of Ireland for those from an Irish nationalist background.

“Partition is a hugely contentious issue that continues to negatively impact on our society and restrict the potential of our island to flourish.

“The motivation to illuminate Belfast City Hall to celebrate partition is entirely political and triumphalist, it would have an adverse impact on those from an Irish nationalist background in the city. 

“Those involved in proposing illuminating Belfast City Hall to celebrate partition consciously disregarded the procedures, which outline clearly that there must agreement in the Strategic, Policy and Resource Committee to illuminate the building for an issue of a contentious nature.

“Further, the proposal to illuminate Belfast City Hall was not included in the Council’s Decade of Centenary’s programme agreed by all parties. 

“The Decade of Centenary’s programme has a core basic principle, balance. The addition of this late request would create an imbalance in providing exclusively for a Unionist viewpoint and without the space for any counter-narrative. 

“To proceed with the decision to illuminate Belfast City Hall without due process and recognition of the Decade of Centenaries principles will cause hurt in the City and disregard previously agreed council policy on remembering historical events.”

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