October 12, 2020
Sinn Féin motion on the future of Shannon Airport to be debated in the Seanad this week – Senator Paul Gavan

The Sinn Féin group in the Seanad will put a motion before the Seanad this week calling for Shannon Airport to be re-integrated into a national airport authority in order to secure the future of the airport; which is so vital to the Mid-West region.

Senator Paul Gavan, who is proposing the motion has said:

“Action is needed now to secure the future of Shannon Airport, which is of crucial importance to Limerick and the entire Mid-West region. It supports thousands of jobs and has for decades delivered economic benefits to the whole region. The airport undoubtedly needs additional emergency funding to see it through the current crisis, but also fundamental reform regarding its place in Ireland’s aviation infrastructure network.

“The action in 2014 to cut Shannon Airport adrift and leave it as a standalone airport has been a failure. It was resisted by Sinn Féin at the time and the government must reverse this decision as part of their current review of the airport.

“Sinn Féin’s Seanad motion calls on all public representatives – and especially those in the region – to support Sinn Féin and bring Shannon Group back within one unified and integrated airport authority.

“Dublin and the east coast have seen rapid growth in recent years which has not been mirrored in the rest of the State. Even before the Covid-19 crisis, Shannon Airport was suffering.

Sinn Féin’s group leader in the Seanad, Senator Niall Ó Donnghaile added:

“If government parties are serious about regional development, about a balanced economy and future jobs in the regions, then we need new strategic thinking around Shannon Airport.

“We hope that other parties in the Seanad support the Sinn Féin motion this week and support the future of Shannon Airport, and the future of Limerick and the Mid-West region.”

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