December 4, 2021
Sinn Féin announce motion to support Dublin Fire Brigade – Paul Donnelly TD

Sinn Féin TD for Dublin West, Paul Donnelly, has announced that the party will bring forward a motion to the Dáil to provide urgent support to the Dublin Fire Brigade.

The motion calls on the government to act urgently to end staffing shortages and lack of equipment to ensure the Fire Brigade can operate safely.

Speaking today, Teachta Donnelly said:

“Next week I will bring a motion to the Dáil to support and fully resource Dublin Fire Brigade. The service is at crisis point due to staff shortages and lack of resources. This is unsafe and unacceptable.

“The service is currently operating below agreed safe staffing levels and is depending on an over reliance of overtime by staff to reach daily fire tender and ambulance operational manning levels.

“On a number of shifts, the staff levels required to deploy fire tenders fully have been unavailable.

“Our fire services perform an invaluable service saving lives and protecting our communities. Due to the government’s failure to invest, the service is understaffed and workers feel exhausted and unsafe. 

“My motion will support communities and our fire services by ensuring a fully resourced Dublin Fire Brigade. 

“My motion calls for two back-to-back recruit classes to be scheduled immediately and supports to be in place to prevent burnout among staff. 

“It also calls for the fire brigade to be fully resourced so that it can purchase and maintain fire engines required to deliver a full service.

“I am calling on all TDs to support communities, support our fire services and back Sinn Féin’s motion.”

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