May 3, 2023
Sheehan calls on International community to act following death of Palestinian Hunger Striker Khader Adnan

Sinn Féin’s Middle East spokesperson, Pat Sheehan MLA, has expressed his condolences following the death of Palestinian Hunger Striker, Khader Adnan. He said his death was another life lost as a result of Israel’s inhumane prison policies and he said it was time for the international community to act.

Khader Adnan had been on hunger strike for 87 days in protest to his detention without charge before his death on 2nd May 2023.

The West Belfast MLA said:

“For too long the international community has watched from afar as countless Palestinians fall victim to Israel’s callous policies of systematic oppression and persecution.

“The latest death of Hunger Striker, Khader Adnan, is yet another life lost to the tragedy of Israel’s inhumane prison policies.

“Khader Adnan’s death has brought international attention to the treatment of Palestinian prisoners and Israel’s cruel administrative detention programme.  

“Approximately 5,000 Palestinian prisoners are estimated to be in Israeli jails at present, including around 1,000 being held in administrative detention.

“The treatment of Palestinian prisoners is clear for the world to see; but the time for accountability and the international community to act has long passed. 

“Israel needs to stop its mass detention and degrading treatment of Palestinians and abide by international human rights law in ending its vindictive prisons policy.

“Words without action will enable the continued daily harassment, settler and state violence, annexation of Palestinian lands and persecution to continue; all of which have been reported by such organisations as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as ‘crimes against humanity and constituting a system of apartheid’.

“To Khader’s family I express my sincere condolences for the loss of their beloved husband and father, reiterating their calls for calm in response to his death.” 

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