August 10, 2023
Remedy required for Dublin Airport car space shortage – Martin Kenny TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Communications and Transport Martin Kenny TD has responded to the announcement by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission that it intends to carry out an in-depth investigation into the purchase of a private carpark by the daa. 

The car park in question was bought by the airport authority subject to approval by the CCPC and has remained closed for the last number of months, leaving many visitors to the airport without short-term parking. 
Speaking today, Teachta Kenny said:

“It is of course important that the CCPC carries out its due diligence in terms of this purchase, however we cannot ignore the impact it will have on those using the airport for work or leisure. 
“This car park had previously been held by a private owner and accounted for almost 20% of the spaces available in the airport locality.  While this more in-depth investigation takes place, we have people left without the very basic amenity of a car space at an airport. 
“This is peak travel time for the airport.  Many of those I have spoken to are not confident that they would arrive on time if they were to rely on public transport and would prefer to have the use of their car.
“When this issue originally emerged in May, I urged both the daa and the owner of the car park to come to a short term leasing agreement.  I am repeating that call again today. 
“This shortage is affecting ordinary families and holidaymakers who have saved so hard to enjoy a few days away. Summertime is one of the busiest times for the airport – arriving to an airport that’s short on car parking spaces is not the start to a holiday people deserve.
“The car park which is currently closed had been used for a number of years. It does not require any development or retrofitting. It simply needs to be opened for use for those traveling through the airport.
“Individuals and families travelling through the airport must have these very basic amenities available to them.”

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