March 30, 2022
Real social housing need more than double the government’s figures – Eoin Ó Broin TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Housing Eoin Ó Broin has called on the Minister for Housing to be honest with people in terms of the real level of social housing need that exists. 

His comments were made in response to the publication by the Housing Agency of the latest Local Authority social housing list figures.

Teachta Ó Broin said:

“The Minister for Housing today published the summary of the social housing needs assessment for 2021. This report details the total number of households on local authority social housing waiting lists as of November 2017.

“The report, however, does not include those social housing applicants in short term, insecure HAP and RAS tenancies.

“The latest report shows that there were 59,247 households on social housing waiting lists across the state at the end of last year.

“However, when HAP and RAS tenants are included, the real social housing need figure for 2021 rises to 138,902 for 2021.

“At the end of last year there were 62,337 active HAP tenancies and 17,318 active RAS tenancies.

“So rather than today’s report indicating that social housing need has dropped by 4% on 2020, it has in fact remained virtually static.

“Since 2016, real social housing need has increased by 8% from 128,399 to 138,902. This is despite the government’s claim to have delivered the largest social housing programme in the history of the state.

“Counting social housing need accurately is important as it ensures government’s social housing targets are set to meet existing and future need. 

“Over the next four years, the government plans to deliver just 37,4000 new social homes. This is nowhere close to meeting existing let alone future demand.

“It is time for Darragh O’Brien and Micheál Martin to start being honest with people about the real level of social housing need and to adjust their social housing targets accordingly.”

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