March 13, 2023
“Politically motivated HDP trial puts Turkish democracy in jeopardy” – MacManus & Brady

“Politically motivated HDP trial puts Turkish democracy in jeopardy” – MacManus & Brady

Sinn Féin’s Midlands Northwest MEP Chris MacManus and party spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Defence, John Brady TD, have expressed concerns about Turkish democratic values amidst the controversial trial of the HDP.

MEP MacManus said: “I stand with the HDP and I will be meeting them this week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to discuss the erosion of democracy in Türkiye.  The ongoing politically motivated trials of the HDP by Erdoğan must be halted immediately. This already appears to be a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and would seem to be an affront to the aspirations of a truly democratic Türkiye where all political parties would have freedom of expression.”

“This trial to ban the HDP is now entering its final phase. On 14 March, just a few weeks before the elections, the Constitutional Court will decide to suspend and dissolve the HDP. The possibility of HDP, the country’s third largest party in parliament — representing more than 10% of the popular vote in the past two general elections — could be permanently banned so close to the upcoming elections places Turkish democracy in jeopardy.”

“If the Erdoğan government dissolves the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), it will be destroying the very foundations of democracy in Türkiye.”

“Erdoğan’s government should halt these efforts immediately and end this politically motivated trial against the HDP.”

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Defence, John Brady TD said:

“Sinn Féin is a party committed to the principles of justice, equality, and inclusivity. There is no doubt however, that there is a concerted campaign in Turkiye to deny the HDP access to the democratic process.”

“We witnessed this recently during visits to Leinster House by members of the Turkish parliament, which saw members of the HDP deliberately excluded from the delegation. A matter which I vociferously protested with the visiting delegates.”

“The road forward for Turkiye is one based on principles of democracy. A Democracy designed to include all of its citizens.”

“A decision to dissolve the HDP, is a decision to limit the democratic franchise. It is a decision to deny the citizens of Turkiye the right to vote for a particular political party. It will have the effect of undermining the legitimacy of any representative who is returned in a contest where the right to offer legitimate opposition is denied to citizens.”

Deputy Brady concluded, “I want to add my voice to those who have appealed to the Turkish government to end the politically motivated attempts to outlaw the HDP.” ENDS

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