September 29, 2022
Planning for constitutional change and self-determination should start now – Kearney

Sinn Féin MLA and party chairperson Declan Kearney has said that an event organised by Ireland’s Future in Dublin this Saturday is unprecedented and will bring together thousands of people to discuss the preparations for a united Ireland. 

Writing in An Phoblacht today, Declan Kearney said: 

“The ‘Together We Can’ event being organised by the Ireland’s Future group on Saturday 1 October in Dublin will bring together an unprecedented cross section of Irish political and civic representatives from all over Ireland and the diaspora. It’s expected that thousands of people will attend to discuss preparations for a united Ireland. 

“Ten of the main political parties on the island, and five party leaders, including Leo Varadkar and Mary Lou McDonald, will be participating. 

“This kind of event has never taken place before. It will be a landmark opportunity to broaden the conversation about how to manage the change which is happening. “ 

The Sinn Féin chairperson said that the case for the Irish government to establish a Citizen’s Assembly on constitutional change is now irresistible. He said:

“Separately, Sinn Féin has launched its ‘Commission on the Future of Ireland’ as a key initiative to promote popular grass roots participation in debating Irish unity through a series of People’s Assemblies. The first of these will convene in Belfast’s Waterfront on 12 October; followed by the next in Letterkenny at the end of November. 

“There is now an irresistible case for the Irish government to establish a Citizen’s Assembly on constitutional change. 

“The Irish government should establish this Citizen’s Assembly without further delay. It would serve as an important process to prepare the ground before setting a date for concurrent referenda on Irish unity.” 

Declan Kearney said that now is the time to plan for constitutional change and self-determination. 

“The Irish peace process came about, and is now irreversible, as a result of inclusive dialogue and careful planning. It happened with the assistance of the Irish diaspora, and international stakeholders from the USA and Canada, Europe, and as far away as South Africa. 

“That template is just as relevant today. 

“The moment has now arrived to prepare the transition to the next phase of the peace process, and to begin planning for self-determination, constitutional change, reunification, and national reconciliation.”

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