December 21, 2023
Penalty points reform must be properly scrutinised – Martin Kenny TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Transport and Communications Martin Kenny TD has reacted to the announcement by Junior Minister Jack Chambers that further scrutiny is required in relation to changes to the penalty points system.  The Minister noted that he will be unable to introduce controversial penalty points reforms at this time. 

Teachta Kenny said:

“Many months ago the Minister announced that he intended to reform the current penalty point system to allow for different penalty points for different days of the week.

“When this legislation was first discussed, I challenged the Minister on it repeatedly. While a review of the current system is required, I was particularly concerned that there would be legal difficulties in enforcing the proposed changes.

“When the Minister came before the transport committee requesting a waiver of scrutiny on the proposed bill, I again reiterated my concern over its legal ramifications. Nonetheless the Minister insisted no scrutiny was required and the legislation would be in place within months.

“Now we find that, in fact, there are difficulties and the legislation must be scrutinised carefully and in a considered manner.  This is what I have been calling for from the outset.

“It is simply ludicrous to have any disparity between penalty points received on a weekday evening, compared to a bank holiday Monday or a weekend. 

“The penalty point system is there to deter dangerous driver behaviour – no matter when it occurs.”