August 3, 2021
PAC must examine appointment of Zappone to lucrative UN role – Matt Carthy TD

Sinn Féin TD Matt Carthy has this morning written to the Chair and secretariat of the Public Accounts Committee requesting that PAC examine the financial implications of the appointment of Katherine Zappone to a lucrative UN role.

Teachta Carthy, a member of the Public Accounts Committee, said:

“This arrogant and out of touch government must be held to account for its blatant cronyism.

“I have written to the Chair of Public Accounts Committee this morning to ask that the Committee examine the apparent misuse of public money to appoint Katherine Zappone to a made-up position.

“This position is paid for with public money and Katherine Zappone has been appointed without any due process or transparency.

“This may be how Fine Gael under Leo Varadkar does businesses, doing favours for their friends, but it is totally unacceptable.

“After 10 years in government Fine Gael has a real problem with cronyism and stroke politics.  From the Leo Varadkar leaking scandal to various dubious appointment’s, of which the Katherine Zappone debacle is just the latest in a long line, this culture of doing favours for friends and insiders is both blatant and arrogant.  

“Their partners in government appear happy to support this type of behaviour but ordinary workers and families, who are expected to pay for these favours, have had enough.

“This will not change until we get Fine Gael out of government – and in the meantime we will ensure they are held to account. 

“The Public Accounts Committee has a clear role to examine this blatant misuse of public monies.”


Note to Editor:

Please see below the text of the letter sent to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee:

Brian a chara,
I write to request that the Public Accounts Committee convene to examine the recent appointment by government of Katherine Zappone to a new position described as a special UN envoy on Freedom of Expression.
This new role will come at a cost to the exchequer as it entails a salary, expenses and administration costs.  Clearly there has been public concern regarding the value-for-money of this appointment and the process undertaking in advance of the appointment.
PAC has an obligation in this regard to examine these matters and to engage with the Department and government to ensure that we can bring some transparency to this matter.
I am requesting that a meeting be convened as speedily as possible to hold an initial discussion on this matter and to agree a process by which we can address the concerns that have arisen.
I look forward to your considered response.
Is mise,
Matt Carthy TD
Leinster House, Dublin. 01-6183473
21 Dublin Street, Monaghan. 047-82917
10 Monaghan Street, Carrickmacross. 042-9674001

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