September 30, 2020
O’Neill raises COVID19, legacy and Brexit at Hillsborough meeting

Sinn Féin Leas Uachtarán and Joint Head of Government Michelle O’Neill met with Britain’s Prince Charles alongside Declan Kearney at Hillsborough today. 

Speaking after the meeting, Michelle O’Neill said: 

“We met with Prince Charles today to discuss a range of topics. 

“We are in the midst of a dangerous pandemic which is claiming lives and we discussed the response to that. We are in a crucial stage of our fightback and it is vital that everyone plays their part in that.

“One of the issues we discussed was Brexit and we made it clear to him that there is no such thing as a good Brexit for the north, that the British government’s breaking of international law threatens the Good Friday Agreement and that what has been agreed with the EU must be implemented.

“We also discussed the upcoming centenary of partition and explained to him that for Irish republicans, nationalists and democrats there is nothing to celebrate about the partition of our country. 

“We are looking to a new future beyond partition through the creation of a new Ireland build on equality, reconciliation and respect. 

“We also discussed the need for the British government to deal with the legacy of the past and raised our disappointment at the decision not to pursue additional prosecutions of the British soldiers involved in the Bloody Sunday massacre.”