October 9, 2019
O’Neill calls on EU to play an active role in promoting Irish unity

Sinn Féin Leas Uachtarán Michelle O’Neill has called on the EU to play an active role in promoting Irish unity as an alternative to the reckless Brexit agenda.  

Speaking at the launch of ‘The EU and Irish Unity’ report in the European Parliament in Brussels this evening, Michelle O’Neill said:

“In Ireland we are at a crossroads. We are facing a time of immense political challenges, but also opportunities.

“A growing number of people on the island of Ireland believe that Irish unity is the democratic alternative to the unwanted Brexit being foisted upon citizens here, and Irish unity is now at the forefront of Irish politics.

“The real prospect of a referendum on Irish unity in the near future must also feature strongly in the ongoing Brexit negotiations between the EU and British Government.

“The EU have a key role to play in assisting the transition to Irish unity. The EU should ensure that negotiations on the future relatiaonship post-Brexit give consideration to the right to self-determination as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement.

“It should also put in place structures to consider the impact of Irish unity and to ensure that the voices of people across the island are heard and, crucially, consider what additional supports and arrangements need to be put in place in order to facilitate Irish unity.

“The EU must also bring political and diplomatic pressure to bear on the British Government to ensure they fulfil their obligations under the Good Friday Agreement, allow for self-determination and consent to the holding of a referendum on Irish unity.

“The people of the island of Ireland should have a choice between Brexit and Irish unity.

“I would appeal to the EU not to be bystanders in this conversation, but to be advocates for democracy, choice and the right to self-determination.”

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