January 11, 2022
Ní Chuilín welcomes announcement of fresh inquest into death of Raychel Ferguson

Sinn Féin MLA Carál Ní Chuilín today welcomed the announcement of a fresh inquest into the death of Raychel Ferguson, a victim of the Hyponatraemia scandal.

The north Belfast MLA said:

“I acknowledge the determination and courage of the Ferguson family and indeed all the families affected by the Hyponatraemia scandal in their quest for justice for their loved ones.

“Five children, including Raychel, died from what Justice O’ Hara termed ‘negligent care’. 

“No family should have to endure what these families have gone through when they were let down so horrifically by those entrusted to provide optimal care.

“There have to be lessons learned from these scandals which are all too common across our health and social care sector, and most importantly, there must be transparency and accountability when things go wrong. 

“Patients and their families are entitled to at least that.”