January 26, 2022
New bill will protect children from the scourge of criminality in our communities – Martin Kenny TD, Denise Mitchell TD and Mark Ward TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice Martin Kenny TD today, along with Denise Mitchell, Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Bay North, and Mark Ward, TD for Dublin Mid-West, brought forward a bill to protect children from unscrupulous drug dealers in communities.  

The three deputies introduced the Coercion of a Minor (Misuse of Drugs) (Amendment) Bill to the Dáil this afternoon.

Teachta Kenny said: 

“This legislation is focused on the adults involved in criminality and drug dealing, who target and coerce children to move and supply drugs for them. 

“For far too long, criminals have groomed children in both urban and rural communities across Ireland. The children in our communities deserve to be protected from this criminality and kept safe so that they can have a better future.  

“We cannot allow drug gangs to continue to be such a scourge in our communities.

“If passed, this legislation will ensure that these criminals are held to account and cannot use our children to make massive profits for themselves. Anyone found guilty of this offence will also face a prison sentence that fits the crime.”

Teachta Mitchell said:

“This bill would make it a standalone offence for adults to use the children in our communities for the sale and distribution of drugs. It is a simple piece of legislation, but if it passes it will have a major impact in our communities. 

“The cycle of poverty and disadvantage leading to children being vulnerable to grooming by drug gangs is something we, as legislators, need to break. Our bill will address that, and ensure that Gardaí and the Courts Service can charge a criminal with what is effectively the exploitation of our children.”

Teachta Ward said:

“This is not a new phenomenon in disadvantaged areas. But speaking as a former director of the Clondalkin Drug and Alcohol Task Force, there has been a spike in this activity over the last 18 months.

“Young people are being targeted by older, experienced drug dealers to sell and deliver their drugs. Children are being groomed by unscrupulous drug dealers and are attracted by the flashy cars, the new runners, the few bob in their pockets and the status of being considered a so-called somebody. 

“We need to be proactive rather than reactive and target these young people before they end up in the hands of drug dealers.”

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