December 6, 2023
Murphy challenges Tory measures which will damage local economy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has written to James Cleverly challenging new Tory measures to restrict legal migration and the damage these plans will inflict on our local economy.

The party’s economy spokesperson said:

“I have written to the British Home Secretary to robustly challenge the plans to limit legal migration and the hugely damaging impact they will have on our local economy here.

“Industries and public services in the north of Ireland have benefited greatly from access to EU workers. Following Brexit, immigration policy has been set by London, with no regard for our local needs and views.

“The public sector and other key services are already facing huge staff shortages, these proposals will have a negative impact on their ability to attract skilled overseas workers to carry out vital work.

“Among those impacted will be our health and social care services, manufacturing as well as agri-food producers, a concern highlighted previously by former agriculture minister Edwin Poots.

“There must be a focus on investing in strengthening our economy, growing businesses and skilling up workers to fill jobs alongside our overseas workers, rather than nonsensical Tory plans that will make staff shortages worse.

“We need an Executive and ministers back in place that understand the needs of our local economy and value the important contribution made to our economy and society by many who have come here to live and work.”