August 24, 2022
Minister Troy must publish fire safety certificates and evidence of planning permission – Pádraig Mac Lochlainn TD

Sinn Féin Chief Whip, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn TD, has called for Minister Robert Troy to publish fire safety certificates and documentation confirming planning permission for his properties.

Speaking today, Teachta Mac Lochlainn said:

“It has been alleged that Minister Troy does not have the relevant fire safety certification for one of his many properties. This is a very serious allegation, which the Minister must address urgently. He must publish the fire safety certification and proof of planning permission for this and all of his properties in order to clarify this matter without delay.

“He also must confirm that all of his tenancies were registered with the Residential Tenancies Board for the duration of the tenancies and publish documentation confirming this. He must also publish proof that the money he received for rent in cash was handled and processed in a way that was fully compliant with tax regulation.

“If the Minister does not publish this documentation, his position will be untenable.

“The drip-feeding of allegations about Minister Troy’s property dealings is deeply damaging and risks undermining public confidence in him. He has been repeatedly urged to be open and transparent about these matters, so that there can be full accountability. Despite this, further claims continue to emerge on an almost daily basis. 

“I am once again calling on the Minister to be upfront about this matters with the public.

“The housing crisis is having a devastating impact on people’s lives across the state. Everyday, people live with the effects of this crisis as they struggle to pay sky-high rents, or live in cramped accommodation while they try to save up to afford soaring property prices. In light of the housing crisis, it is very concerning that the Minister was allegedly buying and selling so many properties in this way and is alleged to have not had the relevant fire safety certification. People will want to know that the Minister behaved appropriately. 

“In order for there to be confidence in Minister Troy, he must urgently clarify these matters. He must make a full, public statement on these unanswered questions urgently and publish these documents.”

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