May 11, 2021
MacManus welcomes Human Rights Watch report labelling Israel an apartheid state

MacManus welcomes Human Rights Watch report labelling Israel an apartheid state

Sinn Féin MEP says “Recognition of Palestinian Persecution must result in real action”

Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus has welcomed a recently released report by the international NGO Human Rights Watch. The report called ‘A Threshold Crossed’ labelled Israel an apartheid state and accuses it of systematic persecution of the Palestinian people, which are accepted as crimes against humanity. 

MacManus, a member of European Parliament Delegation to Palestine, commented:

“The comprehensive nature of this new report must be recognised. It is not a 2-page press statement, but a 224-page document with over 800 references, from an internationally recognised human rights organisation.”

“The report sets out the legal tests in international law for such crimes and methodically illustrates how Israel’s actions meet the criteria beyond any reasonable doubt.”

“This is something we have known for years and was first recognised by the UN in 2017, but it is important that wide consensus is reached in the international community, and this new report is a welcomed step.The events of this week have crystallised the need to act. In the last seven days the sacred Al Aqsa Mosque was attacked by Israeli forces, Palestinian families are battling forced evictions in East Jerusalem and last night 21 people were killed in airstrikes.”

The Midlands Northwest MEP said pressure would mount on governments. “The purpose of building international consensus is to make it politically intolerable for any government to not support the UN referring Israel to the international criminal Court (ICC) for its operation of an apartheid state. The court is already investigating Israel for war crimes against Palestinians.”

“Furthermore, the international community must not meet positive convictions of Israel in these cases, with silence. A deep re-evaluation of how Israel is dealt with, until it ends its persecution of the Palestinian people is urgently required.” 

MacManus concluded, “In the meantime, The Irish Government must permit the advancement of the Occupied Territories Bill and recognise the State of Palestine, as a strong message of solidarity with those suffering.” ENDS

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