December 21, 2022
MacManus visits Charlestown Maypole Disaster Art Exhibition

MacManus visits Charlestown Maypole Disaster Art Exhibition
Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus has commended those involved in St Attracta’s National School’s Maypole disaster exhibition in Charlestown Town Hall Art Centre. The Midlands Northwest representative was speaking after visiting the exhibition alongside his colleague Cllr Gerry Murray and meeting with artist Tom Meskell and teachers Principal Brian McDermott and Jennifer Henry.

MEP MacManus said:
“I recently visited the Charlestown Town Hall Art Centre alongside my colleague Gerry Murray and viewed the fantastic exhibition on the Maypole mining disaster, put together by pupils from the local St Attracta’s National School.”

“I was pleased to meet with the artist Tom Meskell who worked with the pupils on the project and their teachers Principal Brian McDermott and Jennifer Henry.”

“The exhibition was very impressive, featuring 75 flat cap lanterns, and huge credit must go to the pupils, artist and teachers.”

“The project was a fantastic learning experience for the children through working as a team, learning about history and developing their artistic skills.”

“There are significant links between Charlestown and Maypole, with several of the miners who lost their lives in the disaster coming from the local area, so it was a very appropriate project to choose and a fitting way to commemorate the disaster.”

“While the exhibition was open to the public I understand that hundreds of people visited throughout the week with huge buy-in from parents and the local community. This is brilliant for encouraging arts in the local area, especially among children, and sets a fantastic example for others working in this sector to follow.”

“I would like to thank Tom, Brian and Jennifer for having us and wish them continued success.” ENDS
See attached photo from the exhibition in Charlestown Town Hall Arts Centre of (L-R): Cllr Gerry Murray, Brian McDermott (Principal), Chris MacManus MEP, Jennifer Henry (Teacher), Tom Meskell (Artist)

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