November 23, 2022
MacManus calls on Government & EU to take action on Fertiliser Pricing Crisis

MacManus calls on Government & EU to take action on Fertiliser Pricing Crisis

Sinn Féin MEP for Midlands Northwest Chris MacManus has called on both the Irish government and European Commission to take urgent action to mitigate extreme fertiliser costs.

Speaking following the recent communication by the European Commission concerning the availability and affordability of fertilisers in the EU and globally, MacManus, a member of the European Parliament’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee said: “Fertilisers are important for food production, however scarcity due to the war in Ukraine has impacted both affordability and availability and comes at a time when family farmers are already operating in a hostile economic climate on extremely tight margins.”

“For over two years the prices of fertilisers used in the agriculture sector have rose to levels never seen before in Europe. Farmers are crying out for something to be done.”

“The recent communication by the European Commission is certainly a step in the right direction. The amended Temporary Crisis Framework for State aid enables support for farmers and fertiliser product. This is support that Irish farmers badly need.”

“The initiative to launch a market observatory for fertilisers in 2023 to share data on production, use, prices and trade is also a welcome one as Irish farmers are paying above the EU average for fertiliser. A level playing field is needed. Irish farmers need more access to such information to make informed purchases.”

“At the moment there is a lack of transparency in the fertiliser market and it puts Irish farmers at the mercy of fertiliser producers who are already enjoying large profits. We need to see urgent action by both the Irish government and the EU commission.”

MacManus concluded by outlining measures to prevent future shortages and how Ireland can become more independent.  “We need to ensure better access to organic fertilisers & nutrients from recycled waste stream in a manner that is sustainable to reduce Ireland’s dependency on the import of mineral fertiliser. We also need to develop our own self-sufficiency by increasing our stock of domestic organic fertiliser. Good planning now will reduce the risks of future shortages.” ENDS

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