October 28, 2022
Loyalist paramilitary groups should disband now – Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has branded threats issued by loyalist paramilitary groups ‘outrageous’ and said they should disband now.

The party’s policing spokesperson said:

“Threats issued to Irish government ministers by loyalist paramilitary gangs under the cover of the Loyalist Communities Council are outrageous.

“Threatening further loyalist violence to the public at large with reference to the ceasefires of 1994 in the words ‘dire consequences for the progress made from 1994 onwards’ is a dangerous and despicable development.

“This is just the latest threat to our democratic process by these loyalist gangs who are intent on dragging society backwards.

“They must desist from these reckless threats and disband now.

“It is a matter of disgrace that almost 25 years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, that loyalist paramilitary gangs are still involved in murder, intimidation, extortion and threats.

“There is an onus on political leaders to call out this intimidation and the continued existence of armed criminal gangs in our society.” 

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