May 19, 2023
Limerick City and County Council to debate eviction ban following legal challenge – Cllr Sharon Benson

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Benson has today welcomed confirmation from Limerick City and County Council that it has conceded to her legal challenge regarding its conduct at a special meeting held on April 5th when a motion to discuss ending the eviction ban was blocked.

Cllr Benson said:

“In April, a special meeting was held and a motion on the ending of the eviction ban was to be discussed. During this meeting, the council blatantly disregarded standing orders and refused to have the motion heard.

“The issue of the ending of the eviction ban remains an issue of huge public interest both nationally and locally. For the motion on this matter to be ignored in such a manner was a denial of the local democratic process.

“Unfortunately, the council’s course of action left me with no choice but to pursue legal avenues to ensure that not only this special meeting be held but that the local democratic processes were protected. 

”I am pleased that after an initial resolute refusal to acknowledge their failings, the council has now capitulated and agreed for the special meeting to be reconvened so that this motion of importance to the people of Limerick can be heard.

“This is what should have happened in the first place. But in typical fashion, the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil-controlled council do not want open and frank discussion taking place that has the opportunity to show up their government colleagues’ failure to deliver for working people and their families.

”If fair process was followed from the start, I would not have had to pursue legal action – an action that has left Limerick City and County Council facing legal costs. But I am delighted that both common sense and due process has won out. 

”I would like to thank both my party colleagues and fellow councillors who stood by me during this process and of course my legal team who worked tirelessly to get this matter addressed.”

Cllr Benson’s solicitor, Mr Daniel Krieth, added:

“I am pleased that Limerick City and County Council have conceded to our legal challenge on this issue. It is fundamentally important that locally elected representatives are properly heard and facilitated when they wish to table proposals at council meetings, regarding issues that have significant importance to their constituents.”

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