April 9, 2020
Kelly welcomes Model Bill Team report on legacy

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has welcomed the report by the Model Bill Team on their current options for dealing with the legacy of our past.

Gerry Kelly said:

Based at Queen’s University Belfast and the Committee on the Administration of Justice, the Model Bill Team, have over many years provided an informed contribution to complex legacy discussions from the Haass/O’Sullivan process, Stormont House process through to discussions on Implementation and Draft Bill negotiations.  

“Throughout this period their work has informed considerations of both governments and the political parties, while also developing wider public understanding of legacy issues.

“We particularly welcome their strong commitment in calling for the implementation of the Stormont House Agreement, as agreed in December 2014, as it offers the best way forward, in dealing with the legacy of our past.

“Their analysis of the options is timely, given the significant shift in the British government’s position on legacy last month, where they unilaterally attempted to reconstruct and rewrite the Stormont House Agreement.

“The Stormont House Agreement incorporated a complex package of options for the consideration of all victims and survivors. It necessitated political compromises on all sides.

“As a consequence, any cherry picking or attempted solo run by the British government is unlikely to secure the support or agreement of the other parties to the agreement.

“We look forward to the engaging with the Model Bill Team on their report, in our common determination to pursue the full implementation of the Stormont House Agreement, in a human rights compliant manner.”

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