November 17, 2019
Kelly calls on police to act on Finucane ‘hate’ banners – DUP silence unacceptable

Sinn Féin MLA and policing spokesperson Gerry Kelly has called today on police to remove banners attacking Sinn Féin candidate John Finucane and his family in an attempt to incite hatred.

Gerry Kelly said:

“A number of banners have been erected by loyalists over recent days attacking John Finucane and members of his family, including his late father Pat, who was murdered by a UDA death squad acting in collusion with the state.

“Both John Finucane and Sinn Féin have reported these vile and scurrilous banners to the PSNI as hate crimes.

“The banners inciting people to hatred should be removed immediately and those responsible should be prosecuted.

“These banners have been erected against a backdrop of threats from loyalist paramilitaries against the UUP, Sinn Féin posters being taken down by masked men and the deafening silence of the DUP.

“The attacks on John Finucane are an attack on the wider democratic process.

“The DUP must break its silence on these attacks, defend the democratic process and support the police in taking action against those responsible.” 

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