February 26, 2021
Kearney calls on the Crumlin community to unite against criminal intimidation

Sinn Féin South Antrim MLA, Declan Kearney has called on the local community to remain united in opposition to criminals engaged in threats and intimidation after the circulation of sinister social media images showing masked individuals on a street in Crumlin. 

Declan Kearney said,

“I am aware of sinister images circulating on social media which depict two masked figures, apparently brandishing guns, and standing at the entrance to Ballydonaghy Meadows, in Crumlin.

“Ballydonaghy Meadows is a settled neighbourhood and home to several families with small children. Using the estate as a backdrop for this display of intimidation is a completely mindless action. All righ- minded people will be affronted by the irresponsible behaviour of those involved.

“This is another instance of anti-community activity in Crumlin carried out by a small number of criminal mavericks whose sole motivation is to create fear and alarm.

“As with similar incidents in the past, I unreservedly condemn those involved and call on the people of Crumlin to remain strong and united against any, and all attempts to destabilise local community relations.

“Those behind this incident are a blight on the local community. I have spoken with the senior PSNI commander for the area and am reassured that police are actively investigating the circulation of these images and those involved. I would urge anyone with information which might assist police inquiries into this matter to contact the PSNI directly, or the Crime Stoppers charity.

“A zero tolerance approach is required towards all forms of intimidation and harassment. Anyone in Crumlin, or Glenavy, being subjected to threats or duress by criminal elements should make contact with the PSNI, or with myself, and, or local party Cllr Anne Marie Logue.”

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