November 20, 2022
John Brady TD Criticises Fine Gael Moves to Abandon Triple Lock System for Deployment of Irish Troops Abroad

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence John Brady TD has questioned the motives behind the decision of the Fine Gael party to introduce a motion at their Ard Fheis calling for the abandonment of the existing Triple Lock System, which requires approval by the Government and the Dáil, and a UN Resolution to mandate the mission to deploy twelve or more members of the Irish Defence Forces. 
Teachta Brady said:
“The reality of what we are witnessing here is an underhand attempt by the Fine Gael party to undermine protections which have been put in place to preserve Irish neutrality.
“While I agree with Minister Simon Coveney that international politics has changed in the last year, the global political environment is constantly evolving, and not always for the better. 
“A harsher reality lies ahead as a consequence of climate change, regional instability, and food shortages. These are challenges that, due to Ireland’s unique record as a post-colonial country committed to neutrality and in possession of an unimpeachable history as a force for peace in the world, place our defence forces at the forefront of a very small grouping, with the moral standing to address decisively.   
“The moral authority that our Defence Forces accrue serving under a UN mandate, cannot be tossed aside to serve the ambitions of those in Fine Gael who wish to abandon neutrality. Fine Gael wish to erode Irish neutrality at a time when global changes demand more honest brokers, not less.
“Central to the Fine Gael argument is the suggestion implicit or otherwise that the UN no longer works.
“I do not believe this to be the case. There is no doubt that there are challenges within the UN, as there always was. Arguably this is something that the founders foresaw and welcomed as part of the price of keeping the most powerful nations in the world at the table continuing to talk no matter what. 
“If and when challenges arise, we will do what needs to be done in conjunction with our international partners at the UN and develop workable mechanisms that will resolve issues and allow for the continued and vital search for peace.
“For Fine Gael, or any other government party to suggest that the abandonment of the Triple Lock System in order to allow Ireland to act militarily on a unilateral basis, or as a part of some war time coalition is representative of progress is just ridiculous. 
“Perhaps if the Fine Gael members of the government wish to commit to unilateral actions in International Affairs, we might see a new approach to international human rights abuses, and more particularly perhaps some meaningful action on the issue of human rights abuses in Palestine.”

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