May 10, 2024
Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza must end’ – Kearney tells Global Anti-Apartheid Conference on Palestine

Sinn Féin MLA Declan Kearney today addressed a ‘Global Anti-Apartheid Conference on Palestine’ in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The party’s National Chairperson said:

“The connection between the people of Palestine, South Africa and Ireland is unbreakable.

“Just as we stood with South Africa against apartheid, Sinn Féin and the people of Ireland stands fully with Palestine in its stance against Israeli occupation and aggression.

“For over seven months now we have witnessed Israel’s genocide, ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and settler violence against the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

“Western governments have stood idle, and are complicit in the daily bombardment of the Palestinian people.

“Their positions are untenable, and raise serious questions about their commitment to not only international law, but also the very value they place on Palestinian lives.

“As Irish republicans we are internationalist by nature, and are committed to peace, equality, social justice, national self-determination and democracy.

“We also know the cost of conflict, and the value of peace.

“The Good Friday Agreement paved a new way for peace and reconciliation.

“And the same principles that were applied in Ireland must now be applied to Palestine.

“No longer can Israel’s war machine wreak havoc, dispossession and death on the Palestinian people.

“The international community must finally take a stand in the spirit of peace and humanity.

“Recent student protests have mobilised large sections of young people across the world, particularly in the US, and a global pro-peace movement continues to grow.

“The ground-breaking ICJ case brought by South Africa is not only courageous, but has also impacted upon the policies of other international governments.

“More countries across the world are now rightly speaking out against Israeli aggression.

“The changing global landscape must be seized on to deliver peace, reconciliation and democracy in Palestine.

“This must be backed up by international pressure to achieve a peace settlement and Palestinian national determination and sovereignty.

“For our part, Sinn Féin will do all we can to support the development of a global anti-apartheid campaign for Palestine, and to bring an end to Israel’s genocidal war.”

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