July 24, 2023
Irish Government working with local universities train more health professionals positive news- Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon has welcomed news that the Irish Government will fund student places to train more health professionals in the north.

The party’s health spokesperson said:

“It is hugely positive news that the Irish Government is working with local universities to fund student places to train more health professionals.

“Funding announced today will see 50 places delivered to train physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

“This vital cross-border funding will also see more places available to train more student nurses and midwives, which is a major boost for the health service.

“At a time when our health service is facing huge pressure from short-staffing and chronic waiting lists following 13 years of savage Tory cuts that have seen student places slashed, this is a welcome development.

“We need the Executive restored now and parties working together to fix the problems in our health service and support our public services.”