June 1, 2021
Irish government needs to catch up with the people and begin planning for unity – Finucane

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has said the Irish government need to catch up and listen to the growing demand for constitutional change across Ireland. 

John Finucane said: 

“The conversation on Irish unity is well underway across the island and there is place for everyone in that discussion. 

“Today at the Oireachtas committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, representatives of the Ireland’s Future group made a presentation to the committee of MPs, TDs and Senators about the increasing demand for constitutional change. 

“More and more people from all backgrounds are looking to a better future in a new Ireland beyond Brexit and beyond the union. 

“What was clear from today’s meeting is that Fianna Fáil need to listen to the people, catch up, become involved in the conversation and begin preparing for unity. 

“We now need to see the Irish government stepping up its preparations for constitutional change and a new Ireland. A citizen’s assembly, inclusive of the island, should now be convened, a white paper on Irish unity should be brought forward and a ministerial portfolio created with responsibility for Irish unity.”