June 19, 2023
Historic change is happening right across the island right now – O’Neill

First Minister Designate Michelle O’Neill pledged today Sinn Féin will work together in councils with the other political parties, provide an open door, access and a voice to all communities in their council areas.

Michelle O’Neill was speaking after meeting with recently elected mayors and chairs from across local councils. She said:

“Today I met with newly elected Sinn Féin Mayors and Chairs from across councils in the north. 

“The recent council election is indicative of the transformative change happening right across this society.

“I discussed with the Sinn Féin Mayors and Chairs our pledge to work collectively and in partnership with others to deliver for all.

“For Sinn Féin, the recent historic election results have created a huge opportunity to advance a progamme of progressive change, of inclusion, to deliver local services and make politics work for all sections of our increasingly diverse society.

“The electorate has given a ringing endorsement of this positive and progressive platform. 

“It will be the priority of each Sinn Féin Mayor and Chair to lead this in their own council areas, to reach out to and represent all our people and all our communities.

“Local government works most effectively when local parties work together on the basis of power sharing.

“That is why Sinn Féin supports the fair and proportionate allocation of all council positions through the d’Hondt process, based solely on the democratic outcome of the election. 

“Sinn Féin mayors will work together in councils with the other political parties, they will provide an open door, access and a voice to all communities in their council areas.

“That is my commitment and that is the commitment of our local mayors and chairs. 

“The political landscape across this island is changing and Sinn Féin is leading that change.

“We are in a decade of opportunity, and people want new beginnings.

“Local government works best when it is working with a fully functioning power sharing Executive with locally elected and locally accountable ministers.

“I call once again on the two governments, and the one party which is still preventing a return to the Executive, to do all in their power to restore an Executive which will work to fix the problems in the health service and work with local councils to provide first class amenities and services to local people.”

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