March 16, 2020
Hazzard calls for coronavirus testing facility to be set up at Long Kesh site

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has called for an increase in COVID-19 testing and the establishment of a drive-in testing facility to help combat the spread of the virus. 

The South Down MP said: 

“The World Health Organisation made it abundantly clear today that testing is the most important tool we have against the spread of COVID-19. 

“In Dublin, it was announced today that a drive-in coronavirus testing facility will set up at Croke Park in order to test more suspected cases following a request from the Health and Safety Executive. 

“Similar moves should now be introduced in the north as a matter of urgency. 

“The announcement of the postponement of this year’s Balmoral Show frees up the site of Balmoral Park at the former Long Kesh site to be used for such a drive-in testing facility. 

“I am calling on Health Minister Robin Swann to consider this urgently as part of a range of measures to help the spread of the coronavirus.”