October 1, 2020
Groves welcomes Belfast City Council rejecting ‘National Armed Forces Day’ bid

Sinn Féin Councillor Emma Groves has welcomed the vote in Belfast City Council this evening in rejecting a proposal that the city should bid to host ‘National Armed Forces Day’.

Councillor Groves said:

“This evening, Belfast City Council voted against launching a bid to host ‘National Armed Forces Day’ in 2022.

“The hosting of this event would not have been beneficial to the harmony of this city as we continue to move along the road of reconciliation.

“This event would have been divisive and ultimately caused unnecessary division between citizens.

“The marching of British soldiers on the streets of Belfast would have compounded the hurt of their victims and grieving families in this city.

“For many in this city, the role of the British Army in Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq and across the globe is not one of glory, but one of brutality, oppression and destruction.

“Political representatives must act responsibly and place their energy into building barriers and healing division within our community, not proposal that cause hurt and division.”