November 22, 2019
Fresh demands made and new questions asked of Irish Water – Cllr Mark Ward

Sinn Féin Cllr Mark Ward from the North Clondalkin/Lucan/Palmerstown LEA has reiterated his demand that Irish Water immediately switch the supply of water to residents in South County Dublin back to the Ballymore Eustace water treatment plan.

This comes on the back of concerns from residents after two recent boil water notices and also from correspondence Cllr Ward received from Irish Water that stated ‘following network reconfiguration, areas in South Dublin are now supplied by Ballymore Eustace’.

Cllr Ward has also questioned why the public were not notified of this change.
Cllr Ward said:
“In the aftermath of Storm Emma in March 2018, Irish Water switched the supply of water to parts of Clondalkin and Lucan from Ballymore Eustace to Leixlip water treatment plant.

“This decision was made after the cold snap led to burst pipes due to poor investment in water infrastructure. This led to a loss of supply to these areas and  we were told that this was just a temporary measure.

“Twenty months later and this temporary measure is now permanent.
“Since then residents in Clondalkin/Lucan have had concerns about the change in quality of water. Ballymore is a soft water supply, Leixlip is a hard water supply.

“This has led to complaints in increased turbidity. Turbidity is a measure of the total suspended solids in the water, the murkier it seems, the higher the turbidity is”
“In addition to changing how the water looks there has also been numerous reports of grit particles and a change of taste to the water, with scum like substances in cups of tea.

“The hard water has also damaged electrical appliances such as kettles and showers. The reality is that some residents were buying bottled water well before the boil water notices were announced.
“During the two recent boiled water notices it is my understanding from correspondence from Irish Water that the areas affected in Clondalkin/Lucan was switched back to Ballymore Eustace on a temporary basis following a network reconfiguration. The public were not notified of this change?”
“There is enough water in Ballymore Eustace which is supplied by Poulaphouca hydro station to supply the whole of South County Dublin, if seasonally adjusted. I would like Irish Water to clarify this.”
“I also question if Irish Water changed back the supply to Ballymore Eustace during the latest boil water notice, why were the people of Clondalkin/Lucan not informed?
“I demand that this switch is made permanent, that the decision made during Storm Emma to change water supply from Ballymore Eustace to Leixlip without public consultation is reversed, and that the people in Clondalkin/Lucan can return to the quality of water that they originally enjoyed.
“I call on a immediate response from Irish Water to the calls I have made and the questions that I have asked, the people of Clondalkin/Lucan deserve better.”

Editor’s Note:
Below correspondence received from Irish Water:
Dear Councillor Ward,
Thank you for your recent communication querying whether the Irish Water supply to residents in South County Dublin is no longer originating from Leixlip Water Treatment Plant.
The water supply in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) comes from a number of different Water Treatment Plants, primarily the Liffey plants at Leixlip Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Ballymore Eustace (BME) WTP.
The water balance between the two is a function of the supply demand balance from time to time and is managed on a daily basis. Following network reconfiguration, areas in South Dublin County Council are now being supplied from BME.
The management of the network is under constant review and reconfigurations of the network can be required to sustain supply.
Irish Water’s drinking water and operational experts worked with our colleagues in Fingal County Council and in consultation with the HSE and the EPA to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and lift the Boil Water Notice.
Irish Water’s primary focus is and always will be the protection of public health and the Boil Water Notice was lifted as soon as it was safe to do so.
The Boil Water Notice was lifted on Tuesday 12 November. Irish Water recognises the significant impact this Boil Water Notice had on your constituents, and would again like to apologise.
Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yours sincerely,
Oliver McCreesh
Local Representative Support Desk

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