October 26, 2020
Finucane welcomes growing support for Irish unity

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has welcomed results of a new poll on Irish unity published today. 


The North Belfast MP said: 


“This is one of a series of polls over the course of recent years that have shown increasing levels of support for Irish unity. 


“It is abundantly clear that the people of this island want to flourish in a new, progressive and united Ireland. 


“They are not interested in refighting the battles of old and are increasingly turning their backs on a chaotic Breixt agenda being pursued by a reckless British Government who has thrown their social, economic and educational opportunities under the bus.  


“The conversation on a new Ireland is underway and it is thriving.  


“It is crucial that this conversation is open and inclusive of all sections of society on this island, including unionists. 


“And it is encouraging that senior Unionist figures, such as former DUP leader Peter Robinson, are engaging in this conversation.  


“Taoiseach Michael Martin and the Irish Government are worryingly out of touch with the aspirations of the people of this island.


“The Irish Government cannot stand idly by; they must lead the preparations for a new, united Ireland. 


“It is time to plan for a better future. It is time to plan for a new Ireland.” 

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