January 8, 2024
Finucane reiterates support for interstate case against shameful Legacy Act

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has reiterated support for the Irish Government’s decision to take an interstate case against the British government’s Legacy Act.

The North Belfast MP said:

“The British Tory government rushed through this legislation despite the clear opposition and concerns raised by victims and families, all political parties on the island of Ireland, the Irish Government, the US, UN, the Council of Europe and human rights experts.

“This cruel and shameful Act is a flagrant breach of international human rights law and is a blatant attempt to shut the door on families’ efforts to achieve truth and justice through the courts.

“The British government’s aim was not to act in the interests of victims and families, rather in the interests of British state forces involved in the murder of, and serious human rights violations against, Irish citizens. 

“Heartbroken families have been fighting for years, determined to get truth and justice for their loved ones. They should not have been forced to take individual legal actions against this Act, and this action by the government will now complement these challenges.

“We will stand with those families as they challenge this cruel and cynical law, and as they continue to campaign with dignity and determination for truth and justice.” 

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