November 15, 2023
Finucane criticises ‘cold and impersonal’ legacy letters  

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has criticised letters sent to 26 families in which they were told complaints related to killings during the conflict will not be investigated as a result of the cynical and cruel Legacy Bill.

The North Belfast MP said: 

“The manner in which these letters have been sent to 26 families is disgraceful and cold.

“These letters are not individual to the families. Rather, they are a generic and impersonal letter which fails to take into account the sensitivities or grief felt by families who are waiting decades for the truth of what happened to their loved one.

“The British government’s cynical and cruel Legacy Bill was only about one thing; closing the door on families ever getting truth and justice.

“This flawed and irredeemable bill was rejected by victims, all political parties on this island, human rights experts, churches, the US, UN, EU and Irish Government.

“I am once again calling on the Irish government to confront this denial of human rights and breach of international human rights law through an interstate case and international action against the British government.”

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