April 20, 2022
Easter commemorations should be conducted with dignity and respect – Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA and policing spokesperson Gerry Kelly said that all Easter commemorations should be dignified and respectful and said the days of people wearing masks at commemorations should be over.

Gerry Kelly said:

“This week Easter commemorations were held all over Ireland. People turned out in large numbers to celebrate and commemorate Ireland’s patriot dead. The vast majority of these commemorations were conducted with dignity and respect. 

“However, there were masked men and women at a small number of parades.

“The days of people wearing masks at these commemorations should be over. Celebrating our patriot dead should be done with openness, pride, and with respect.

“There were also clearly planned petrol bomb attacks on the police following one of these displays in Derry. 

“Those actions are wrong and disrespectful of the commemorations and I appeal to our young people not to get caught up in any such acts which can also affect their whole future.” 

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