June 6, 2021
DUP needs to make the right decisions on sharing power – Kearney

Sinn Féin national chairperson and minister in the northern Executive Declan Kearney said today the new DUP leadership needs to recognise that power sharing is a two-way street and that discrimination against any citizen is unacceptable.

In a blog published in An Phoblacht today the South Antrim MLA said that political unionism is in disarray mainly as a result of the self inflicted consequences of their reckless support for Brexit which led to the recent coup in the DUP.

Declan Kearney said:

“Sinn Féin wants this power sharing Executive to deliver on housing, economic growth, and new capacity in the health service.

“Our party has brought forward a strategy for the most ambitious expansion of public housing in the six counties since 1970, which will guarantee investment to build new stock, and create an associated economic stimulus. 

“We have called for a ‘health summit’, including all stakeholders, to strategically address hospital waiting lists. 

“We believe this all-party Executive should prioritise development of an economic and industrial growth plan, through structured partnership with our employers‘ organisations and the trade union movement.

“Sinn Féin wants ambitious strategies to target inward investment across the north, and to provide increased support for our local manufacturing, and small/medium enterprises sectors.

“But our good will should not be taken for granted.

“Power sharing is a two-way street. Rights are not negotiable. Discrimination against any citizen, or section of society is unacceptable. Everyone is entitled to equality.

“All the negotiations are concluded.

“Citizens will no longer tolerate political institutions, which do not realise their social, economic and political expectations or aspirations.”

Declan Kearney continued:

“Huge questions exist about the DUP’s future commitment to implementing proper power sharing.

“If the DUP is to be assessed by its record to date, within the political institutions, and particularly in the period from August 2013 onwards, then there is cause for concern.

“Political unionism, and the DUP particularly, is in a state of disarray, due mainly to the self inflicted consequences of their reckless support for Brexit, and the inevitable, calamitous consequences which have been created. The coup against the DUP leader five weeks ago is a direct result.

“Brexit, the fallout from the Protocol, and impacts of the pandemic, have fundamentally realigned politics in the north.”

And he said that In the centenary year of Ireland’s partition, the political discourse is now dominated by a momentum for Irish unity.

“The prospect of an eventual unity referendum provides a choice for citizens – between a union with an increasingly unstable, inward looking, Tory dominated, Brexit Britain – or the opportunity to be part of a new, outward looking, modern, pluralist Ireland.

“Many have decided that their interests will be better served in a new Irish constitutional democracy; others are now giving such a scenario very serious consideration, as an alternative to the current status quo.” 

Full blog available here –https://www.anphoblacht.com/contents/28102

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