October 5, 2020
Decisive action needed to slow climate countdown – McGuigan

 Sinn Féin will give full support to a cross-party motion on banning fracking that will be debated in the Assembly on the 13th of October.  

Sinn Féin MLAs Phillip McGuigan, Jemma Dolan and Sean Lynch have co-signed the Green Party motion. 


Phillip McGuigan said:  


“We are not only in the grip of a climate crisis but a climate countdown, with a very small window in which we can act to avert catastrophe.  


“The Assembly recently declared a climate emergency and there is an imperative on legislators to now take bold and decisive action.  


“Sinn Féin will work to ensure that Ireland’s fossil fuels should remain in the ground and a much greater emphasis placed on developing renewable technologies.   


“Fracking has been shown the world over to have extremely harmful effects not just on the environment but on the health and wellbeing of populations in its proximity.  


“Sinn Féin is currently in the process of bringing forward a Private Members Bill to the Assembly to legislate for the banning of fracking.  


“However, in the meantime, this motion can once again very clearly indicate that this Assembly takes its obligations to act on climate seriously.  


“This motion demonstrates the importance of all of us working together to preserve our planet for future generations.”  

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