January 4, 2023
Conditions for patients and staff in Sligo University Hospital are unacceptable – Martin Kenny TD

Sinn Féin TD for Sligo Leitrim Martin Kenny has called on the Health Minister to provide urgent supports for those working within the Emergency Department in Sligo University Hospital.  This comes after the release of Trolley Watch figures by the INMO which show SUH has the second highest number of patients on trollies in the state today.

Speaking today, Teachta Kenny said, “Many of us have been following the Trolley Watch figures as they continue to get worse.  Since New Years Day, the number of patients on trolleys in Sligo hospital has increased from 48 to 65 across the hospital.  

“These are more than numbers on trolleys, they are people who are desperately ill and need medical attention.  Many of those I am hearing from in the last number of days are vulnerable patients with a number of different illnesses who have deteriorated over Christmas.  

“They are now in a situation where they are lying on a trolley, often in a hallway or corridor with other patients.  There is no dignity in this for the patient, and it puts our fantastic health service professionals in a terrible situation.

“We also have a situation in Sligo Hospital where ambulances are waiting a number of hours to transfer their patient from the ambulance to the care of the hospital due to the severe shortage in resources faced by the hospital.  This is causing a further delay in allowing the ambulance and its crew return to their duties and respond to calls. 

“During a visit to a Dublin hospital yesterday, the Minister told us it will ‘get better before it gets worse’ – a phrase I’m sure is cold comfort to the patients and staff currently in this situation in Sligo Hospital.   

“While I accept that there has been a surge in Covid, RSV and flu, this surge only exacerbated the failures of the Minister to get to grips with a failing health service long ago. 

“The fact remains that one of the main factors at play here is the failure of government to adequately invest in healthcare in the northwest region, but particularly when it comes to Sligo University Hospital.” 

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