August 21, 2020
Commissioner Hogan must clarify attendance at Oireachtas Golf Society event – Chris MacManus MEP

Commissioner Hogan must clarify attendance at Oireachtas Golf Society event – Chris MacManus MEP

Chris MacManus MEP has expressed concern at EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan’s attendance at a gathering of 80 people at an Oireachtas Golf Society dinner, saying it may undermine public confidence in Covid-19 health guidelines as the event contradicts HSE rules. 

MacManus expressed concern that the Commissioner’s presence at the event risks undermining public confidence in public health rules at a crucial time in fighting the pandemic and has added to the Government’s already confusing and chaotic approach.

Speaking from Sligo, the Sinn Féin MEP said:

“I am concerned that the Government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic regulations has been chaotic and confusing throughout. Worryingly, the news of this dinner and the attendance of senior politicians only adds to public confusion and frustration when they need clear guidance.”

“I am deeply concerned that Commissioner Hogan’s presence at this event. It is an action that risks undermining public confidence in Covid-19 regulations. Many ordinary families have made considerable sacrifices to curb the increase of Covid-19 cases. 

“The public need to know that this set of politicians aren’t under the mistaken belief that one rule applies to the public, and another rule applies to the Establishment. We need to see a restoration of public confidence in the handling of Covid-19 regulations and this needs to happen urgently. The Government confusion and chaos needs to end.”

The Midlands Northwest MEP also called on Commissioner Hogan for clarity: “EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, as Ireland’s representative in the European Commission, has serious questions to answer about why he attended this event and why he thought the event was acceptable. He needs to clarify his position and reassure the public that he does not believe he is above the rules.

“I call on Commissioner Hogan to make a statement regarding his attendance at this event. If such a public statement is not given, I also intend to write to EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to raise with her this breach of Irish and EU guidelines by an EU Commissioner and my concerns that it may undermine public confidence in the guidelines.”


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