February 2, 2023
Coillte sale by Irish government is another failure for rural Ireland says MacManus

Coillte sale by Irish government is another failure for rural Ireland says MacManus

Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus has slammed the Irish government in an address to European parliamentarians for failing to support Sinn Féin’s motion demanding the end to the deal between Coillte, Ireland’s state-owned forestry service, and the British investment fund Gresham House.

MacManus criticised the sale of our natural assets by Coillte and the Irish government as a deal that only lines the pockets of corporations with no regard for Ireland’s resources or citizens. The Sinn Féin MEP described the deal as “insult to injury” at a time when Ireland’s government is enabling cuckoo, vulture and investment funds to profit off Irish resources, workers and families.

During his remarks, the Sinn Féin representative also told EU leaders that the Irish government is failing rural Ireland, forestry and biodiversity.

MacManus told parliament: 

“The use of our natural assets in a deal with foreign investment funds adds insult to injury. Again another example of an Irish government standing idly by as cuckoo, vulture and investment funds profit off the backs of Irish workers and families.” 

“This deal won´t benefit the environment. It won´t help Ireland reach our climate goals. This deal only lines the pockets of corporations with no regards for our resources or citizens.”

“As shareholders on behalf of the Irish people, I am calling on the Irish government to abandon this deal which flies in the face of real and meaningful climate action.”

“If the Irish government fails on this they fail rural Ireland, they fail forestry and will fail biodiversity.”

“The Irish public, farmers and environmentalists alike are united in their indignation.”

“The deal between Coillte and this British investment fund must be halted.” ENDS
Photo: Chris MacManus MEP addressing the European Parliament regarding Coillte/Gresham House Deal


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