September 25, 2020
Clarity on tax relief for cross-border workers welcome – Senator Elisha McCallion

Sinn Féin Senator Elisha McCallion has welcomed the clarity on tax relief for cross-border workers working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but said that “more has to be done”.

Sinn Féin has received assurances that TransBorder Worker’s Relief will still apply to those working from home during this time

Senator McCallion said:

“I want to thank Minister Conor Murphy and his department for the update on his communications with Minister Paschal Donohoe’s office in relation to this issue.

“While this advice is welcome, it does not solve all of the issues that Cross-Border Workers face when they need to work from home during the pandemic, and indeed in the long-term.

“What is needed is for Minister Paschal Donohoe to engage further with Minister Murphy on a bigger plan going forward.

“This also needs to be addressed by the North-South Ministerial Council to ensure the problems faced by cross-border workers in the long term and particularly post-Brexit, are considered with more urgency.

“The consequences of not improving the tax arrangements of cross-border workers could be far reaching and complicated tax systems, along with the uncertainty of Brexit, is bad for businesses and employees.

“Cross-border workers cannot continue to be forgotten about by the Irish Government.

“We need a harmonisation of tax arrangements and working conditions for people who live and work across the border.”

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